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  1. Steve

    Force Member RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    Brilliant update, RA! Really appreciate all of your hard work. (y)
  2. Steve

    NPC kazin

    That is incredible work, Avplatis! Really terrific job all around. I use PhotoShop CS6 which has an option to count the total number of image colours via the Image > Mode > Color Table option, and this feature is present in older and the newer CC (Creative Cloud) release, but I'm not very...
  3. Steve

    Shining Force Alternate

    Sounds good. I'm certain the extra features will be well worth the wait. Keep up the awesome work Erikin and team. (y)
  4. Steve

    Shining Force Alternate

    Can't wait for the next update! You've put a lot of great work into this mod and it just keeps getting better and better. (y)
  5. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Fungoid Enemy

    Very cool! Thanks for sharing, Ivan!
  6. Steve

    Bugfix: Persistent (De)buffs

    @Xeno Are you aware of any issues which may occur if this patch is applied to an expanded 6MB ROM?
  7. Steve

    Bug Using Extended Classes causes the level up system to become inverted

    Thank you, @Runesamurai! My memory is a little fuzzy, is this relating to the fix that Siel posted over on SFCentral? Have you had a chance to use Siel's patch and have you been able to confirm that it works?
  8. Steve

    Shining Force 2 Graphic Upgrade

    Amazing work, @Erikin84! It has been a blast following the development of this mod on Discord and I can't wait to try out this official release! (Apologies for being absurdly late to the party!)
  9. Steve

    Frost Giant

  10. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Frost Giant

    Steve submitted a new resource: Frost Giant Bone-chilling! (Click here to view the resource page...)
  11. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Evil Max (Final Conflict)

    Now that is a cool design. Excellent work, @Lynx!
  12. Steve

    Force Member Reworked Khris (promoted)

    Awesome work! Love it!
  13. Steve

    Force Member Paper Mario (Battle Sprites Only)

    Hey buddy! Good to see you again! Mario turned out pretty well! The orientation isn't quite there, but he's looking pretty solid as a SF character! Good job!
  14. Steve

    Force Member Priest

    Awesome work, Lynx! Thank you for another awesome submission!
  15. Steve

    NPC Merchants

    Nice work, FL! That portrait edit looks pretty neat!
  16. Steve

    Force Member RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    Those are some great looking sprites! Nice work, RA!
  17. Steve

    Force Member Odd Eye

    You're a boss, Lynx! Awesome work as always!
  18. Steve

    NPC Hank Hill

    Love it! Gave me a good chuckle this morning! :LOL:
  19. Steve

    A slow one is comming

    Hey there! A little late of me but welcome to the site!
  20. Steve

    Force Member Mawlock

    So good to see Mawlock in the original SF1! Excellent work, @Lynx