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  1. RedArcher

    Force Member Swordsman

    RedArcher submitted a new resource: Swordsman By Alones. (Click here to view the resource page...)
  2. RedArcher


    Not by me, but a fellow pixel artist Alones from SFC forums. Done for the Community Project, now known as Legacies of Veridocia, went unused when Corsair became the main pixel artist. It's still good to go for hacks or fangames, so I decided to share it here. Idle...
  3. RedArcher

    Force Member SFCD Deanna

    He is from Scenario 2.
  4. RedArcher

    Need help with the animation

    Hey guys, here's the question. I want to add a spell called BURST (from Shining in the Darkness) for Gong. Anyone knows what should I do to assign an Assault Shell battle animation to it?
  5. RedArcher

    Force Member SFCD Archers & Snipers

    Yes, please do :) It'll be a great help to all who intend to mod SF II in some way.
  6. RedArcher

    Hey guys :)

    Yes, it'll be a playable Kisaragi from SF CD :).
  7. RedArcher

    Hey guys :)

    Thanks Steve! There definitely will be more to come!
  8. RedArcher

    Hey guys :)

    RedArcher from SF Central here. Followed the site for some time and decided to sign up. I'm practicing pixel art so expect me to add something into Resources section from time to time ;)
  9. RedArcher

    Viki (Suikoden II)

    Viki teleported herself into SF II universe and now ready to battle some monsters ;) Based on the SF II unpromoted mages. 1. Idle [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 2. Attack & Spellcasting [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 3. Block [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 4. Map
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    Force Member Viki (Suikoden II)

    RedArcher submitted a new resource: Viki (Suikoden II) What if she teleported herself to the SF II universe? (Click here to view the resource page...)
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    Force Member Human May (version 2)

    RedArcher submitted a new resource: Human May (version 2) SF CD-like humanized May from SF II. (Click here to view the resource page...)
  12. RedArcher

    Human May (version 2)

    A humanized SF CD-like May at your service. Archer 1. Idle [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 2. Attack [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 3. Defend [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 4. Map Bow Master 1. Idle [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] 2. Attack [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES]...