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  1. Urgat

    Shining Force - Brothers Mod

  2. Urgat

    Shining Force 1; 12 Man Marathon V. 1.0.0

    English please!
  3. Urgat

    SFA Shining Force Alternate all things should be
  4. Urgat

    Force Member Ultra Peter

    my opinion ;-)
  5. Urgat

    Which Palette do you prefer?

    4th > 2nd > rest... the 1st and 3rd are just bland as Erikin said. The highlighted areas, make it more dynamic.
  6. Urgat

    Suggestion Request - Nei Second & Diego's favorite Rpg Girls

    And while we're on it, why not the protagonist Nigel ;-)
  7. Urgat

    Greetings from Germany

    Hey guys, I've been playing Shining Force since 1992, it was and kinda still is my favourite Game(s). I think this side is a great Idea and has such potential to be the starting point for new mods and I want to contribute what I can.
  8. Urgat

    Ideas for new Fighting Classes

    Here are some Ideas I just had, some are more on the funny side: ANGL - Angel DEMN - Demon VAMP - Vampire SPHR - Superhero (Like a typical Superman) BNTH - Bountyhunter (I imagine a class that can wield bow and axe)