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  1. Dr. Doom

    Hi everyone

    Oh yeah i know. I already used sf1edit to pull the script but unfortunately when they did the game the script is out of order from the flow of the game i.e. line 0 doesnt start the opening dialogue for the title screen. so while its nice to have the script pulled into a text file i still have to...
  2. Dr. Doom

    Hi everyone

    Hahaha, nope i am Dr. Doom over there as well (i noticed you edited your post after i was emailed of your response so i see that you thought i was Lobo). In fact if you look at the forums you will see my name on a few of them as the last person to post. I started this endeavor because i knew...
  3. Dr. Doom

    My first post here!

    I am from SFC too! Been a member for like 15 years there lol
  4. Dr. Doom

    Hi everyone

    Thank you. I found this because I got back into my project of retranslating Shining Force. Hoping this sites new tool (pretty sure this is the site) will make it easier for me to reinsert the new dialogue.
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  6. Dr. Doom

    Hi everyone

    Hello all. I have been a Shining Force since the day it was released on Genesis. Been a member at SFC for 14 years. Hopefully, this site picks up and gains traction since SFC has been declining for years D:.