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  1. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Succubus

    Could someone render these and provide map sprites for them please? I can't paste them off of the site as they are here.
  2. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Mezu (Dire Ghoul)

    Risen? Revenant? Entombed? Hellspawn? Walker? Hell Walker?
  3. Runesamurai

    Force Member Odd Eye

    I could've sworn I've seen this before. Was this deleted and then reuploaded?
  4. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Pegasus Knights

    Definitely looks more menacing than the normal version. I love it.
  5. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Evil Max

    Ooooh! New mod idea! How about a mod where Kane is the main character instead of Max? And Max is the one who turns evil instead of Kane and has to be fought?
  6. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Evil Varios (Varios with Kane's Mask)

    This gives me an idea. How about a mod where it's Varios who turns evil and has to be fought instead of Kane? And Kane also joins and becomes playable in said mod?
  7. Runesamurai

    Force Member Earnest (Custom Sprites)

    Whoa this is sweet.
  8. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Rune Paladin

    It's perfect. Now all it needs is map sprites.
  9. Runesamurai

    Shining Force: Movement of the Odyssey

    This is gonna rock.
  10. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Kane w/ Sword of Light and Sword of Darkness

    Whoa sweet! I hope it has his enemy animation. I don't mind him fighting like Max but with a different color palette like in Tyadran's mod though.
  11. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Giant Crab

    How do I do that? And yes of course.
  12. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Giant Crab

    I tested this enemy lately. It just needs to be scaled a little and then it'll be perfect. Problem is right now it looks like it's hovering above the water.
  13. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Kane w/ Sword of Light and Sword of Darkness

    I still want someone to make a Playable Kane mod that uses these sprites:
  14. Runesamurai

    Bug Using Extended Characters causes the level up system to become inverted

    I had Erikin look at my rom. It turns out the problem is with Extended Classes instead of Extended Characters.
  15. Runesamurai

    Difficult Difficulty

    Ah okay. Your description confused me. Nevermind. But anyway I definitely wanna try it sometime.
  16. Runesamurai

    Difficult Difficulty

    Shouldn't Ouch's change be "Base ATT and DEF of enemies both increased by 25% over HARD and SUPER" ? As well as it having the best AI out of all the difficulty settings?
  17. Runesamurai

    Suggestion Ability to edit weapon sprite palettes with right-click via weapon sprite screen

    I could not agree more with this. I would really like to be able to actually see what I'm doing when editing a weapon palette.
  18. Runesamurai

    Force Member Ultra Peter

    DEIT (Deity) IPHO (Immortal Phoenix) EPHO (Eternal Phoenix) HPHO (Holy Phoenix) PHOG (Phoenix God) DIVB (Divine Bird) BDOD (Bird of Divinity) Any of these sound good?
  19. Runesamurai

    Ideas for new Fighting Classes

    ORAC = (Oracle) (For Otrant) AMGE = (Arch Mage) (Another possible class for Otrant) SAGE = (Sage) (For Astral) DPLD = (Dark Paladin) (Dark Knight promotes to this) KING = (King) (Possible class for Ramladu) EMPR = (Emperor) (Another possible class for Ramladu) GEN = (General) (For Elliott) WLRD...
  20. Runesamurai

    Playable Otrant?

    Has anyone thought of trying this yet? I think a mod where Otrant was playable would be cool. He would have his own custom battle sprites and custom fighting class called ORAC (short for Oracle)