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  1. Steve

    Bug Using Extended Characters causes the level up system to become inverted

    Well spotted @Runesamurai I remember you bringing this up in Discord. I'm not sure if RC has fixed this yet but I'll check the changelog again when SF1Edit v.3.3.0 is released.
  2. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Elf Ranger Enemy

    I think he would make for a great Runefaust elite archer enemy. Very nice port, @DiegoMM Thanks a bunch. :)
  3. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Archmage / Astral

    I really need to play Beyond the Beyond! :LOL: Another great set, thanks @DiegoMM
  4. Steve


    Hey @DiegoMM! Apologies, I had somehow missed your thread. Here's a belated welcome to SFMods from me! So glad to have you here. :)
  5. Steve

    NPC Percy The Undead

    Thank you for sharing your artwork, Kasedete! I'd like to learn more about Percy - he looks like a cool character. (Cheers @Erikin84!)
  6. Steve

    SF1Edit by rubixcuber - SF1Edit v3.2.1

  7. Steve

    SF1Edit by rubixcuber

    Steve updated SF1Edit by rubixcuber with a new update entry: SF1Edit v3.2.1 Read the rest of this update entry...
  8. Steve

    sup :B

    Hello there, stranger! :p Glad to finally meet you! Your English is perfectly fine, so don't sweat it. And I can tell already by your avatar that you're a talented pixel artist. Hopefully you'll be able to enjoy all of the assets that the community has shared, and we'd love to check out some of...
  9. Steve

    Force Member Swordsman

    Very cool indeed! Fits right in with the SF look and feel. Alones is very talented!
  10. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Manticore

    Fits in very well with the SF lore. Looks great, very nice work!
  11. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Succubus

    That is some crazy-good detailing. Very, very nice work! Edit: Never played Beyond the Beyond - might have to check out the game. :giggle:
  12. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Dryad

    Very cool frankensprite! I know half that it's part Prism Flower, but can't work out what the other half is... Harpy, maybe? Looks awesome anywho. :giggle:
  13. Steve

    Force Member Turtle and Monster (+ Misc Portraits)

    Nice one, MB! Always loved having Kiwi on my team even since when I was a kid. I remember being blown away when I found him by chance as a kid, and then he promoted into that monster and it kinda blew my mind. :giggle:
  14. Steve

    Force Member SFCD Nick

    I really need to get around to playing SFCD... Another great ported set, @Xeno.
  15. Steve

    Suggestion SEGA GREATS Mod!

    Hey @DiegoMM! Welcome to SFMods! I think you and I share similar ideals when it comes to whom would 'fit' in the SF universe, but I also think it's pretty cool to offer something a little wacky, even if it doesn't necessarily fit. A few recent projects that my friend Dan completed involved...
  16. Steve

    Ideas for new enemies

    Holy moly! Now that is pretty frigging cool right there @DiegoMM .
  17. Steve

    Force Member Myrmidon (Fire Emblem)

    A very nice edit indeed! I'm a huge fan of classical Greek history, but I've never played a Fire Emblem before. I'm considering checking out the games now, though. :cool:
  18. Steve

    SF1Edit by rubixcuber - SF1Edit v3.2.0

  19. Steve

    SF1Edit by rubixcuber

    Steve updated SF1Edit by rubixcuber with a new update entry: SF1Edit v3.2.0 Read the rest of this update entry...
  20. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Giant Scorpion

    Steve submitted a new resource: Giant Scorpion A set with a sting in the tail! (Click here to view the resource page...)