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  1. Erikin84

    Playable Balbazak

    For the weapon positioning not working, if you use say sprite 0 as a template. You may be able to “piece” together the parts. But some consessions may have to happen as their is a small area you need to fit them in...
  2. Erikin84

    My Wishlist for sprites (because im hungry for more sprites lmao i cant have enough)

    That is cool! Dominus will be a badass
  3. Erikin84

    Shining Force Community Patch Suggestions

    Interesting. I’m curious to see these new king portraits.
  4. Erikin84

    Birdmen being able to equip the Sword of Darkness and Chaos Breaker - a mistake?

    I always found it odd during the end credits Amon is using it during her attack sequence.... something I will address in the shining Force Alternate
  5. Erikin84

    Adam, Chaos and Warbots

  6. Erikin84

    SF1Edit Bug Battle sprite palette inaccuracies for Amon and Kokichi

    Did you just assume Amon’s gender? Haha
  7. Erikin84

    SF1Edit Bug Town/map screen editing causes in-game crashes

    I really do hope a fix can happen, this is probably the single most stressful thing about the editor for me at the moment.
  8. Erikin84

    WIP: The Megalodon

    This is using animation 0, perhaps if i used a custom animation, i could move the shark more to the left... so it's not cut off. At the moment i put that black outline on the bottom left corner of the sprite
  9. Erikin84

    Max Battle Sprites

    Sure, the designs are a first draft, any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. Erikin84

    Shining Force Alternate

    There are lots of possibilities :)
  11. Erikin84

    Shining Force Alternate

    I am working on a new mod for Shining Force, it’s currently dubbed “Shining Force Alternate”. What I have envisioned for this is to have the game have only 11 joinable characters that will stick with you for the entirety of the game, they will join throughout the game at certain times, some...
  12. Erikin84

    Playable Elliott

    I’d give it to balbazak, since it’s his ship you take over on the way to prompt.
  13. Erikin84

    Playable Elliott

    Isn’t admiral reserved for like naval officers?
  14. Erikin84

    Playable Elliott

    Among other things 😎
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    Erikin84 submitted a new resource: Earnest bad boy... (Click here to view the resource page...)
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    Adam, Chaos and Warbots

    Chaos has a a slight palette change, mostly more red and a some teal-ish coloring around his inner workings. As usual, my normal shading change to simulate "motion" during idle animations [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES] [BATTLE_SPRITES][/BATTLE_SPRITES]...
  18. Erikin84

    Adam, Chaos and Warbots

    Erikin84 submitted a new resource: Warbots Based off of Chaos' battle sprite (Click here to view the resource page...)
  19. Erikin84

    Lynx enemy

    Looks pretty good, if i had to give any advice, it would be to have the pink cape/jacket flow a little bit in the idle. Wouldnt need much, just enough to simulate the wind blowing. Same goes for the hair, not much, just shift some parts of the hair slightly. But all in all, nice work!
  20. Erikin84

    Unique Kings - Updated the page

    The page has been updated so it's more pleasant to look at.