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  1. Steve

    I am taking a break...

    Oh man! I'm really sorry for the late response, @Erikin84! You've put in an astonishing amount of work towards keeping the SF modding scene active, and I can absolutely understand the need for a rest. I'm just now coming off my quite lengthy break, so fingers crossed that you'll be able to...
  2. Steve

    Odd Eye

  3. Steve

    Force Member Odd Eye

    Steve submitted a new resource: Odd Eye Eye-caramba! (Click here to view the resource page...)
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  5. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Wraith

    Steve submitted a new resource: Wraith Dead good! (Click here to view the resource page...)
  6. Steve

    Hello there fellow shining fans

    Hey Zento, welcome to SFMods!
  7. Steve

    Weapon General Elliott's sword

    I'm really liking the attention to detail - appears much more inline with the original concept art. Good job @Lynx
  8. Steve

    Force Member Golem (Monster Farm)

    What a monster! Can't wait to see how much screen space this guy takes up in-battle! :p Awesome work @Lynx Thanks for another great playable character!
  9. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Durahan

    Hot damn that's a nice update.
  10. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Ramladu

    Great work as always @Erikin84. These GBA ports are getting better and better every time!
  11. Steve

    Force Member Nei Second (Phantasy Star II)

    Very very cool design!
  12. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Eiku (Final Conflict)

    Whoa - very nice work! Love the colours and the design. Good job @Lynx
  13. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Elliot

    A very awesome update to his design! He looks way more intimidating without the helmet!
  14. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Golem

    Looks a heckuva lot better than the original version. Good job!
  15. Steve

    Giant Wasp

    Dan Idle [battle_sprites][/battle_sprites] Attack [battle_sprites][/battle_sprites] Map [map_sprites][/map_sprites]
  16. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Giant Wasp

    Steve submitted a new resource: Giant Wasp Wasp you gonna do? (Click here to view the resource page...)
  17. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Rune Paladin

    Excellent work as always, @Erikin84. I'd never heard of that other game before, but with Tamaki's name attached to it, I'd love to give it a try.
  18. Steve

    Giant Crab

    Dan Idle [battle_sprites][/battle_sprites] Attack [battle_sprites][/battle_sprites] [map_sprites][/map_sprites]
  19. Steve

    Enemy/Boss Giant Crab

    Steve submitted a new resource: Giant Crab Attack its weak point for massive damage! (Click here to view the resource page...)
  20. Steve

    Force Member Ultra Peter

    Peter looks incredible! He now looks like an actual phoenix and not just an orange bird. ;) Great work, @DiegoMM!