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Recent content by Deerayv

  1. Deerayv

    Shining Force: Legacy of the Ancients

    you can open it with sfeditor
  2. Deerayv


    So, i will wait for it)
  3. Deerayv

    Shining Force 2 Graphic Upgrade

    Great mod, thanks for it!:)
  4. Deerayv


    Looks awesome, but i can't imagine how they will attack) Erikin's sprites are in Graphic Update mod?
  5. Deerayv

    Playable Astral?

    That's really impressive!
  6. Deerayv


    Hey, anyone thought about making "Harry Potter chess" instead of original sprites? I think it could be very impressive
  7. Deerayv

    Enemy/Boss Capricorn

    Deerayv submitted a new resource: Capricorn Brand new enemy (Click here to view the resource page...)
  8. Deerayv


    New sprites. They are not perfect and if anyone wants to rework them - I will be only happy) Dodge Attack
  9. Deerayv

    Misc. RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    Some nice work here!
  10. Deerayv

    Enemy/Boss Warlock

    Deerayv submitted a new resource: Warlock Frankensprite, I forgot where had I founded originals...fist could be from splatter house (Click here to view the resource page...)
  11. Deerayv


    Dodge Attack
  12. Deerayv

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

  13. Deerayv

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

    https://vk.com/doc182705858_440962692?hash=0312c823f2d8bda712&dl=9c5862b2ce956b151c There are many mistakes in this mod and after promotion it's anplayable if i'm not wrong)
  14. Deerayv

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

    That's funny)
  15. Deerayv

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

    Hey, I am Вова Скорупский, and that's not my sprites, they were taken from sfcentral forums, i don't remember who made them... If I'm not wrong they belong to someone of the Legacies of Veridocia team BTW, where have you founded them? Demon Rises mod?