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Recent content by DiegoMM

  1. DiegoMM

    Misc. RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    The trio is complete!
  2. DiegoMM

    New assets that match good with sf2

    Hey guys, I just discover that monsters from rpg maker gba goes well with sf2. Sadly they are static. The huge snail I did i got from there and animated it. Erinkin is already working on a animation too. take a look: https://www.spriters-resource.com/game_boy_advance/rpgmaker/sheet/115724/
  3. DiegoMM

    Misc. RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    just love this sarah
  4. DiegoMM

    Huge Snail

    The most terrifying thing ever... (not caravan optimized, has more than 16 colors, if you plan to use in a rom, should cut 1 or 2 colors) IDLE ATTACK EVADE
  5. DiegoMM

    Enemy/Boss Huge Snail

    DiegoMM submitted a new resource: Huge Snail sf2enemy (Click here to view the resource page...)
  6. DiegoMM

    Misc. RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    Man, they are beatiful!
  7. DiegoMM

    Force Member Here I made some rework of some faces

    thats veeeery weird. You use faces of other characters that everyone knows. Like natasha for sarah. Everyone when see it knows its natasha portrait and not Sarah. Also, others having nothing alike like rohde and earnest, lemon and kane. I see you want to make sf1 versions of portraits for sf2...
  8. DiegoMM

    Force Member Kazin

    For Vicar I think its a waste of time, since the original sprite is so ugly that in every mod its replaced for another. And when is not replaced most people promote to master monk for not need to look at it.
  9. DiegoMM

    Weapon Wooden club

    DiegoMM submitted a new resource: Wooden club weapon (Click here to view the resource page...)
  10. DiegoMM

    Wooden club

    From shining force cd, with minor edit. I know it looks like chicken, but this ugly weapon is one of few exclusive of SFCD that its not a copy of SF2.
  11. DiegoMM

    Kiwi Helmet

    yeah, in the artwork the feet are metallic. Why do a sea turtle wear metal shoes?
  12. DiegoMM

    Kiwi Helmet

    Guys im trying to edit kiwi sprite, in the artwork his helmet is sort of golden, but in battle is silver. But I cant get the golden colors look good with the rest of sprite. What you guys think?
  13. DiegoMM

    Force Member Kazin

    Sarah has a unused beta sprite too, for overworld sprite where she wears a hat. If you want do more thing beta related.
  14. DiegoMM

    Kazin should have 2 frames idle animation

    Its even before the prototypes. The game was still under development. We can see Sarah didnt have a portrait yet
  15. DiegoMM

    Kazin should have 2 frames idle animation

    It would be great RedArcher, you sure are a skilled artist. Love your swordswoman sprite. Im dissapointed too to discover that the game had some content cut, maybe theres more that we will never know. About the staff, is this a SF1 staff?