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Recent content by Lock It Lynx

  1. Lock It Lynx

    Why does Max wear that gauntlet?

    Upon closer inspection i think that gauntlet of his is more of a guard of sorts. Duelist's way back when used these special gauntlets to block attacks without the hassle of using a shield. Although most duelists back then had a full piece of armor that covered the blocking arm. This could...
  2. Lock It Lynx

    Enemy/Boss slimes

    Good to see some more enemy additions! A nice expansion on the "Ooze" enemies giving them a face makes them feel more sinister and give a stronger presence than the oozes.
  3. Lock It Lynx


    I run all knights all the time lmao!
  4. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Mawlock

    Chaoswizard98's engine should work flawlessly with this idea
  5. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Mawlock

    Ah perfect i was looking for Mawlock for awhile! Looks even better than the gba version. Do you plan on doing anymore of the gba cast? Id love to see the gba version of Hans portrait in sf1 form (edgy Hans is the best hans :) )
  6. Lock It Lynx

    Shining Force: Movement of the Odyssey

    Been awhile along while work has had me pinned for quite awhile but now that im finally settled i plan on being more active here. An update on Moto's progress i have finally made the descision to move to Chaoswizard98's engine as it will allow me to expand past the limitations of the genesis and...
  7. Lock It Lynx

    Hey. I'm Corsair.

    Welcome! I look forward to seeing your work :)
  8. Lock It Lynx

    Shining Force: Movement of the Odyssey

    Chapter 1 is looking pretty much done dialogue wise which is awesome! I am currently trying to get a battle sprite for a certain character i am working on (cant tell but she is a ninja). After that the battles need to be done which is honestly the easiest to do. Really hope one day there is a...
  9. Lock It Lynx

    Hey guys :)

    Frabell and Kisaragi eh? they play a pretty big part in my hack so im gonna vote that XD
  10. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Lemon

    Quite good a possible demo might be in the works
  11. Lock It Lynx

    Shining Force: Movement of the Odyssey

    Progress is going awesome on Moto!!! in fact Im feeling like a Chapter 1 demo might be a thing rather soon ;)
  12. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Lemon

    Perhaps one of these days ill check it out. but as of rn Movement of the Odyssey as taken up alot of my time haha
  13. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Lemon

    oops i guess i did XD well then thats even easier just change lemons battle sprite to use the RDBN's. Should be easy but who knows things might have changed i have not messed with caravan in awhile
  14. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Lemon

    should be easy just make additional palletes and assign them to the characters that use the BRN class via the caravan
  15. Lock It Lynx

    Force Member Lemon

    Im glad you were able to replicate Red Baron lemon perfectly. Awesome job Lynx!