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Recent content by Lynx

  1. Lynx

    Shining force 1 and 2 remake project for pc - Demo Release v0.0.1

    I also add what happened with Alex Kid, where a group of Spanish fans decided to make an Alex Kid fans game and they ended up releasing the game officially with the support of Sega. I suppose if you make a good game and show it to sega and they like it, maybe it could be the case that they will...
  2. Lynx

    Shining force 1 and 2 remake project for pc - Demo Release v0.0.1

    Hello feldc welcome, I love what you are doing, as someone who is interested in pixelart I really like the idea of having no limits in art themes, the only other engine I know for sf was the one that is developing chaoswizard in game maker 1 And now it is passing it to game maker 2 and I am glad...
  3. Lynx

    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    I think it was done in 2019 by Lynx (I don't remember the date, but it's old art)
  4. Lynx

    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    I have all the ladyhentai portraits but I have not encouraged them, that bowie king is one of the two versions he did, the other one slightly changes the hair, I asked a russian speaker to ask for permission in my place to use his art for the future shining force mod alternate 2, but he received...
  5. Lynx

    I'm glad you like the portrait n.n

    I'm glad you like the portrait n.n
  6. Lynx

    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    You're right, I think at that time I wanted to reflect the small size of the fairy, but that affected the quality of the drawing, I planned to make a better version a few months ago, I even made a scale replica of the original art, I thought it could be a better base, but for reasons of time I...
  7. Lynx

    Hawel (Final Conflict)

    Spritework by Lynx for use with SFMods.com. Please provide credit to us and link to our website if you use this artwork in your non-commercial project. Idle Attack Spell Evade Promotion Idle Attack Spell Evade
  8. Lynx

    Force Member Hawel (Final Conflict)

    Lynx submitted a new resource: Hawel (Final Conflict) Hawel Potter the wizard boy (Click here to view the resource page...)
  9. Lynx

    Priest - New portrait

    -new portrait added
  10. Lynx

    Force Member Priest

    Lynx updated Priest with a new update entry: New portrait Read the rest of this update entry...
  11. Lynx


    Yes, you will find them there, on the other subject, I have some ideas for the attack, but for now it is not something I want to take up yet.
  12. Lynx


    erikin did something similar to the harry potter concept but using shining force sprite, I made more classic chess piece designs but I didn't finish it, at least not yet.
  13. Lynx

    Enemy/Boss Gobgovich

    You should try to do it yourself, the map sprites are easier than the others, there is also a version of me in the sf2 section even though it needs improvements, maybe it will serve as a basis for the map sprite.
  14. Lynx

    Enemy/Boss Soul Eater

    I don't usually do map sprites, I've made an exception and added one, even though I did it fast, because I don't really like doing them.
  15. Lynx

    Enemy/Boss Soul Eater

    Lynx submitted a new resource: Soul Eater Echoes of the past echo in the present (Click here to view the resource page...)