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Recent content by Zento Ravenvigor

  1. Zento Ravenvigor

    An Exploration system plugin for SRPG Studio.

    It just so happens that there is a Exploration system plugin for SRPG Studio so there is some hope after all so that we can make our very own Shining game. Now the Exploration system plugin is by Goinza so I will give the link here https://srpg-studio.fandom.com/wiki/Misc._Plugins you can find...
  2. Zento Ravenvigor

    SFA Shining Force Alternate

    I'll be looking forward to your characters since I would like to see what they look like do by their designs.
  3. Zento Ravenvigor

    SRPG Studio

    It seems I felt a little coned that SRPG Studio was way too Fire Emblem oriented I'm not good at programming to do by its code so I believe I better ask someone who does.
  4. Zento Ravenvigor

    SRPG Studio

    Well we should like write the scripts for it.
  5. Zento Ravenvigor

    SRPG Studio

    I just came here to say that SRPG Studio is coming this next Monday I'm been practicing around its demo I can say that it looks very nice so with that said if we wanted to a Shining Force-like game we can try to do so on SRPG Studio it's a big learning curve on it so the demo is already out you...
  6. Zento Ravenvigor

    Hello there fellow shining fans

    Hello there fellow shining guys & gals I'm Zento Ravenvigor yes I'm a big Shining series person the first Shining game that I was introduced was Shining Force II but that was back when I was only in elementary school, yes my favorite Shining game was Shining Force III so I need to play all three...