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human knight battle sprite

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the design is great, even if it lacks fragments such as the second idle, and the one from evade, it is necessary to add shadow on the feet, because without the shadow when you put the ingame sprite this seems to float this I mentioned it in discord but I think you have not entered n_n! , about the map sprite, because I don't see it necessary that you have to make one, because it would be enough to simply take the map sprite of the guardiana knight and recolor it, it has a huge resemblance to it, I think I could use your version to pay homage to the knight of guardiana.
Thanks for all your help to post this! i will try to add shadow at some point! I suck at some things like evade. I made an evade but i did not post thought it looked too ugly much of what i post will probably need refinement from some one with more confidence experience i hate my map sprites they are worse so guardiana knight sounds like a good idea!
Very nice! Just needs an idle frame and map sprites.
I am terrible at map sprites and I could not figure out how to do a Idle or block/dodge if you or some one else wants to assist in that endevor it would be awesome!