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SF1Edit by rubixcuber

SF1Edit by rubixcuber SF1Edit v3.4.4

SF1Edit is a comprehensive Shining Force modding suite developed and maintained by @rubixcuber.

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Uploaded with consent from @rubixcuber.
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 1 ratings

Latest updates

  1. SF1Edit v3.4.4

    v3.4.4 - 7/5/2018 [Scripting] * Clear Event nodes are labeled properly * Copy/Paste and macros...
  2. SF1Edit v3.4.3

    v3.4.3 - 7/3/2018 [Scripting] * Help text for nodes should work properly * New Exit script check...
  3. SF1Edit v3.4.1

    [Scripting] * Battle Start and World Cutscene sections display the extra disconnect buttons when...

Latest reviews

A million thanks for your work. I have some questions
would it be possible to edit the speed of the idle animation?
Is it possible to add more weapons and assign the pallette? (I could add weapon sprites, but just with the same pallette)
Would it be possible to add dodge/critical hit animations?