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  1. Ivan_Cal

    Would it be possible to incorporate residual spell effects into a mod?

    Hello! I think it depends in the modding tool/game engine you're using. With SF1 editor, nope, not possible. With sf2 tools (which have a wider variety) I wouldnt be completely sure, you'd have to check on the disasm web page, maybe disasm can do it, but I wouldn't count on it. On a completely...
  2. Ivan_Cal


    Original frames aren't mine, i just edited them and added some animations. Idle Attack Cast Block Map
  3. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Treant

    Ivan_Cal submitted a new resource: Treant Inspired in the treant enemy in SitD (Click here to view the resource page...)
  4. Ivan_Cal

    Chest Mimic

    Idle Crawling Attack Launching Attack Casting Block
  5. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Chest Mimic

    Ivan_Cal submitted a new resource: Chest Mimic Enemy from SitD, based in Ragnarok Online (Click here to view the resource page...)
  6. Ivan_Cal

    List of enemies identified in the Shining Force universe, with no battle sprites available.

    Based on my recent research about enemies in the sf world not available in SF1-like graphics, I have the following: Treant * (sitd) Mandragora * * (sitd) Birdman (sitd) Ghost Armor * (sitd) Chest Mimic (sitd) Fungoid (sitd) Ninja * (sf3) Samurai * * (present in the force side only) Armadillo *...
  7. Ivan_Cal

    Ideas for new enemies

    I'm not home right now, I'll send you some related stuff I have in my folder tomorrow or in a couple days max. If I happen to forget about it, don't hasitate to remind me!
  8. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Enemy Birdman

    Yes, I totally recommend Suikoden and Suikoden 2 as sprites sources (available in The Spriters Resource). For this one in particular, I didn't use resizing, it was kinda medium sized, and adding the sword made it big enough. If you're going to port Suikoden assets, you might want to ask me...
  9. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Enemy Birdman

    Yes, thats the intended use, the editor allows you to place the frames wherever you like in the animation. I usually place the animation so that they hit right in your face, lol.
  10. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Enemy Birdman

    I'm always positive for attack frames looking as aggressive as they can, but I wouldn't really know what to add/change anymore. Do you have any suggestion?
  11. Ivan_Cal

    Ideas for new enemies

    I think i have battle sprites for all those ideas in my folder (many of which are already available in this site). Ask me if youre lacking any of them.
  12. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Fungoid Enemy

    Ivan_Cal submitted a new resource: Fungoid Enemy Inspired in the fungi monsters in SitD (Click here to view the resource page...)
  13. Ivan_Cal

    Fungoid Enemy

    Idle Attack Spore Block Map frames Image for reference
  14. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Enemy Birdman

    Yes! The original guy from suikoden didn't have a sword, and actually attacked with his feet, harpy style, so it took some love to turn it into a proper Shining Force birdman
  15. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy Birdman

    Idle Attack Block
  16. Ivan_Cal

    Enemy/Boss Enemy Birdman

    Ivan_Cal submitted a new resource: Enemy Birdman Battle sprites for birdmen on the enemy side! (Click here to view the resource page...)
  17. Ivan_Cal


    Welcome to this amazong community! 😅
  18. Ivan_Cal

    Reworked Khris (promoted)

    Battle Frames Idle Attack Cast Portrait Alternative - no hat Edit - Requested by people: Kyantol Map sprites
  19. Ivan_Cal

    Force Member Reworked Khris (promoted)

    Ivan_Cal submitted a new resource: Reworked Khris (promoted) Based on RotDD Khris (Click here to view the resource page...)
  20. Ivan_Cal

    Hey all

    Welcome! be sure to join the discord channel, most of the activity is there