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  1. Kasedete

    Sirius - Custom Max

    Eventually with a really cool beard... Portrait: Idle: Attack: Map Sprites:
  2. Kasedete

    Force Member Sirius - Custom Max

    Kasedete submitted a new resource: Sirius - Custom Max Coming soon, in a mod full of wonders... (Click here to view the resource page...)
  3. Kasedete

    Playable Priest

    Pray for your sins! :ROFLMAO: Stance Alternative Stance Attack
  4. Kasedete

    Force Member Playable Priest

    Kasedete submitted a new resource: Playable Priest May the powers of light be with you! (Click here to view the resource page...)
  5. Kasedete


    A challenge i came up with... hope you guys like it ^^ The Knightmare Run ONLY RULE: Once aquired, any of this MUST STAY in your party, until you have the complete set of characters. Max - 1 (Hero) Ken - 2 (Knight) Mae - 3 (Knight) Arthur - 4 (Knight) [Magic User] Pelle - 5 (Knight) Vankar -...
  6. Kasedete

    Suggestion SEGA GREATS Mod!

    Instead of dark dragon we would have what? Giygas from earthbound? xD
  7. Kasedete

    Enemy/Boss Adam, Chaos and Warbots

    haha, let's change the portrait so it matches! xD
  8. Kasedete

    NPC Skeletor

    Eternia is comming to S.Force Also, is this monster rancher's golem? xD Both looking great!
  9. Kasedete

    Force Member Dark Knight (Force Member)

    It resembles Mortred, from shining in the darkness
  10. Kasedete

    Force Member New Zylo battle sprites

    HE'S HUGE! I KINDA LOVED IT!!! :love:
  11. Kasedete

    Enemy/Boss Adam, Chaos and Warbots

    These battle sprites are amazing! I can imagine them in the original game from the beginning! (Minor detail: Aren't Adam eyes blue when promoted?)
  12. Kasedete

    NPC Percy The Undead

    Kasedete submitted a new resource: Percy The Undead Custom Character No battle sprites :cry: Don't know how to make those... (Click here to view the resource page...)
  13. Kasedete

    Percy The Undead

    Name: Percy Class: NecroMage (NcMg) Background: Once a powerfull mage from Manarina, Nichollas Persimmon was revived by Darksol to take down the Shining Force, but his spirit was too powerfull to control. Now Percy seek's vengeance against the one who disturbed his slumber! No Battle...
  14. Kasedete

    sup :B

    i'm actually looking for some help with this damn mane... it's killing me... i don't know what to do!
  15. Kasedete

    sup :B

    It's not exactly discontinued... you see... i made the concept in my mind to tell a story about boken traveling the world in a parallel story, doing some new maps, items and at least 11 new characters (12 with boken himself). I'm currently having to study a lot for my faculty, so it's pretty...
  16. Kasedete

    Ideas for new Fighting Classes

    And what about DBRL (Drunken Brawler)? :LOL:
  17. Kasedete

    Suggestion SEGA GREATS Mod!

    Shining in the darkness already has gilius if you think about it: xD
  18. Kasedete

    sup :B

    Was planning on doing my introduction for a while... I'm Kasedete, i like retrogames and i love to draw! So i'm looking to post some pixel arts here and there :P ... i don't actually speak english and i am constantly apologizing for it... hehe i have a (dead)mod project for SF and plan to put...
  19. Kasedete

    Why does Max wear that gauntlet?

    i always wanted max to have a chest piece... something like the first armor of Seiya from Saint Seiya haha