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  1. Xeno

    Kazin should have 2 frames idle animation

    Also, is it just me, or does Bowie's battle animation suddenly makes a whole more sense when we see him wielding a decently sized sword? :LOL:
  2. Xeno

    Misc. RedArcher's Sprites Workshop

    I like your style :cool:
  3. Xeno

    Force Member Here I made some rework of some faces

    Like Diego, I find the concept strange. That said, everyone is free to work on whatever they feel like. Also, thank you for sharing these with us :) The only thing that bugs me is that you're using a portrait from the Legacies of Veridocia project without giving proper credits. (Maybe @Corsair...
  4. Xeno

    Bug in the site

    @DiegoMM Dude, you can't ignore the alerts! :D
  5. Xeno

    Bug in the site

    That's strange. All I can say is that I also use Chrome and Windows 7, and have so such issues browsing the site.
  6. Xeno

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

    That link gives me an error: "This document is available only to its owner. "
  7. Xeno

    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    Don't worry about the Minister. If he doesn't have a portrait, it doesn't matter. He's old anyway.
  8. Xeno

    Force Member Kunoichi (creative)

    To be more specific, it was Alones who made that sprite back when the game was known as the SF2 Community Project. @Deerayv Thank you for stopping by. Please tell us, where can we find the Demon Rises mod?
  9. Xeno

    Bugfix: Persistent (De)buffs 1.0

    Bug description: The effect of stat altering conditions, namely, Quick, Slow and Boost, will not truly expire until the player performs an action that causes battle stats to be reloaded, such as viewing a member's status window, equipping items, or leveling up. About this patch: This patch...
  10. Xeno

    Bugfix: Persistent (De)buffs

    Xeno submitted a new resource: Bugfix: Persistent (De)buffs Reload battle stats whenever stat altering conditions wear off. (Click here to view the resource page...)
  11. Xeno

    Difficult Difficulty

    The new "Ouch!" difficulty essentially combines the new Hard mode's Defense with vanilla Super's Attack, so saying that both are increased by 25% over Normal is correct. Now, if you're suggesting that another 25% should be applied on top of that, well... I don't think so :) In fact, I've been...
  12. Xeno

    Suggestion Request - Evil SpiLit

    All of these are plausible, though I figure that if we were to implement him as boss today, #3 would fit more seamlessly. I just wish we had access to a higher resolution scan so we could translate the text. It would also be nice to have as a reference for drawing the actual sprites, seeing as...
  13. Xeno

    Difficult Difficulty

    Xeno submitted a new resource: Difficult Difficulty When difficulty modes aren't difficult enough. (Click here to view the resource page...)
  14. Xeno

    Difficult Difficulty 1.0

    Introduction: Overseas releases of Shining Force II offer a choice of four difficulty modes when starting a new game. The modes and their effects on gameplay are laid out as follows: • NORM. - Same difficulty as the Japanese version • HARD - Same as NORM., with "some AI improvements"...
  15. Xeno

    Suggestion Request - Evil SpiLit

    Oh, c'mon @DiegoMM. We need more people posting in the SF2 section. I'm counting on you :D That said, I'd like to bring attention to this concept art that appears to give weight to Diego's theory of Evil Spirit Spilit having possibly been intended to be fought at some point: Notice how he...
  16. Xeno

    Hi there Shiny Folks!

    I sent @Fandles an invite in private to avoid spambots :)
  17. Xeno

    Hi there Shiny Folks!

    Welcome to SFMods, @Fandles! Regarding a post on limitations of current tools, I guess there isn't such a thing as we'd rather be working on removing those limitations then listing them ;) I suggest to just get the tools for the game you wish to mod and start experimenting. Feel free to ask...
  18. Xeno

    Shining Force 1; 12 Man Marathon V. 1.0.0

    En français, s'il vous plaît !
  19. Xeno

    Enemy/Boss Rune Paladin

    When you consider that Yoshitaka Tamaki designed the art of both games, it suddenly makes sense. :LOL: Excellent porting job, @Erikin84.
  20. Xeno

    Suggestion SEGA GREATS Mod!

    Proceeds to break his neck attempting the ill-advised stunt. The beer? It was Coors Light.