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    help polishing some over world monster sprites.

    a while back i put some slimes in our resources (link below). while i feel i did ok with the battle sprites ive always struggled with over world sprites (these could honestly use improvement) and would appreciate it if someone could help improve them/make them match more with their battle...
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    Suggestion Request- eye bat sprites

    could someone make giant eye bat (big floating eye with big bat wings) sprites? just trying my luck seeing if anyone feels generous lol.
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    HELP: finished some frankenspirte battle sprites need help with overworld sprites

    hey i finished some frankensprite battle sprites but need help with the overworld sprites. the battle sprites can be seen below. they took parts from the gba shining force and nightshades battle royale. the parts im trying to use for the overworld sprites are below too but i keep messing the...
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    Suggestion help with this eye bat?

    edit: never mind problem solved
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    Enemy/Boss slimes

    bum_199 submitted a new resource: slimes frankensprite slimes various colors (Click here to view the resource page...)