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Shining Force BG 1.1.1


Shining Buddy
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Amebka⁶ updated Shining Force BG with a new update entry:

No more 3+ attacks

Update for mod!

- Change minister promotion class from Paladin to Gladiator

- Gort removed

- Jester map sprite changed

- The price of Astral Daggers increased from 1 to 10000

- Removed Steel Claw character

- Alex's starting level has been reduced from 8 to 5

- Usable Poisonous Grass

- Changed Astral Daggers range

- Zombie with spear has his own personal sprite

- Zombie Vankar shield and tail changed

- Logo's sprite changed

- Removed Stone Potion

- Remover triple+ attacks
and a...

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