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How to go about starting a SFII mod


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Hey all, I'd like to start a sfII mod, but Have no idea where to start. For SFI, there's the editor by rubixcuber, but there doesn't seem to be a counterpart, or that many good SFII mods, aside from the battle royale mod, and shining tactics. also, if anyone needs Ideas for art to do, I think it would be cool to include Joshua from FE sacred stones in a mod, as he's my favorite character from that series by far. Also Also, would it be possible to make optional battles? like side quest-esque things, for example could you create a optional cave where you would do a battle with max from SFI, you win, and he joins your force. Also III could you do anything to create new game modes? I'm thinkin just duplicate the difficulty dialouge from the witch and have the first one be game mode and the second be a difficulty one. Sorry for the very long post, but if you do have any insight here, please tell.