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It's so perfect!
Is it weird I like these SFCD better than most of the vanilla stuff?
Great!!! A gladiator with bolt!
Ripped that one apart!
What's an RPG without over-sized arachnids?!
Not Bad
What is the green thing? hair or cloth? I think its not clear what it is, maybe some edit can help comunicate better the idea of the character. The other parts of armor are great.
It was a fur pelt. Thank you for your kind words - will pass them on to Dan!
Great work! The best version of Diane yet!
Awesome, awesome, awesome!
Love it, this is 100X better than the original map sprites and frames
A nice “what if” very nice!
Fast and awesome!
For Skeletor in NPCs
By the power of Greyskull these sure are some nice map sprites! ;)
A+++++++++++++++ Would buy from again. Sorry - wrong tab!