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    Enemy/Boss Megalodon (Mythical Giant Shark)

    Or you could just have Darksol appear briefly in an intro during the second ship battle, and rather than have Nova talking, have Darksol summon SF2's Kraken boss, while saying RELEASE THE KRAKEN. That way, you only have to import the Kraken sprites and attack patterns from SF2. Replace the P...
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    Force Member Mage Characters and Magic Creature

    I'm just happy that the original game's design limitations pretty much demanded that something be done about her (along w/Torasu and Adam's) Late Joiner Syndrome.
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    Force Member Max Battle Sprites

    I like it, though it does really make Max even more like Ocarina of Time Adult Link (who also had white leggings).
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    Hello, all.

    This is acsound, a member of Shining Force Central. SF1 is my favorite of the Shining Force games. :)