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    Suggestion help with this eye bat?

    edit: never mind problem solved
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    Enemy/Boss slimes

    just realized i put these under shining force resources i meant to put them under shining force 2 resources. they are in the format for the caravan.
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    Enemy/Boss slimes

    bum_199 submitted a new resource: slimes frankensprite slimes various colors (Click here to view the resource page...)
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    finally submitting a few things. hope someone can use em.
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    Ideas for new enemies

    hey im not much good at enemy spriting from scratch but i like to do frankensprites. im ok at that i guess. i have plenty of ideas for enemies but i try to only use sprites i have permission to modify. i dont know if its ok with the stuff i see here. is it? i will put some up here when i have...