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    Force Member Here I made some rework of some faces

    Lemon will look and fight like Kane? Awesome. I always hated what the game did with him. He just felt like another Baron and wasn't unique at all despite having a different class name.
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    I should try this. Surprised no one has thought of this before.
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    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    How about the Dwarven Blacksmith?
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    Force Member Mawlock

    It's not possible to implement all the effects from RotDD though.
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    Force Member Mawlock

    These are too awesome not to use somehow. It sucks that we can't implement the card system but I think Mawlock could be a Mage or something.
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    Enemy/Boss Mishaela battle sprites

    I coulda sworn I commented on this. It's perfect. Excellent work.
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    Enemy/Boss Chaos King (DELTARUNE EDIT)

    Sweet. Would love to see more Undertale and Deltarune bosses converted for Shining Force use.
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    Shining Force - Brothers Mod

    I'm sure it will be well worth the wait. Best of luck.
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    Force Member Dark Knight (Force Member)

    What's the promoted form called? I have a few ideas: DLRD (Dark Lord) DCRU (Dark Crusader)
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    Force Member Mawlock

    Oh wow. This is awesome.
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    Force Member Myrmidon (Fire Emblem)

    And maybe use Sword Master Musashi's sprites from RotDD as the base for his promoted form?
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    Shining Force - Brothers Mod

    Will this be getting any more updates?
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    Shining Force Alternate

    Lol yeah that fight was tough. But this is still one of the best mods that I've ever seen. I give it two thumbs up. (Don't read until you've at least gotten past Ramladu)
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    Force Member Rune knight

    I love this.