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A fitting tribute to the finest swordsman in all of Rune.
Matches the artwork to a T.
Weakling! You are not even worthy to lick my boots.
Pelle, you're so hot right now...
Nice attention to details!
Devilishly good! Muwahaha!
Awesome! I would throw in an aeromancer to complete this set of elemental mages! hehe
Very nice! These are way better than the vanilla version.
Does it really work in SF1?
They do, though they work best if you don't have a weapon equipped, as the default mage animation would put their staves underneath the spell effects when they attack
Incredible elemental effects!
Smashed it!
The SFCD style is so vibrant! A great port, Xeno!
excellent animation and beautiful colors *-^
Thank you very much for the feedback! I will let Dan know you like his work.
An ace mace!
Smashed it!
That golden armour... so lush!
Jogurt looks better than ever!