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Epic!!!! *-^
wow *-* It looks super good
that posture will serve me a lot for some things that I have in mind
Beast mode engaged!
excellent sprite n_n
A nice twist to the original. Definitely could be utilized with a second secret class for the knight
Looks intimidating, for sure
Very creative. Works very well.
Zalbard on steroids!
Very nice!
Very well done!
These are perfect. Excellent work Erikin!
There's so much more personality to the mages and Domingo now. Good job!
Amazing attention to detail! There's even acustom map sprites and portrait. That's going above and beyond. Great work, Erikin84!
Holy moly! And straight out of nowhere comes another awesome sprite design fro Lynx!
Steve like-y! Good job, LIL!
The perfect partner to accommodate Ramladu. Nice one, Erikin84!
No words... just incredible work. Loved watched you port Zuika frame-by-frame in Discord chat. Amazing! (seems I did have words...)
Now he looks like a true Runefaust knight! Good job, Lynx!
holy royal fudrucker batman! these are awesome