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Recent content by Runesamurai

  1. Runesamurai

    Everyone wants it, so I request...

    The Dwarven Blacksmith totally deserves a portrait. I mean he's the guy who makes those legendary weapons that you can't get anywhere else for you.
  2. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Gobgovich

    I really want to use this in my rom. But I need the map sprites. Can someone please add them?
  3. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Soul Eater

    I can't believe my port actually worked in the game. But yours is much better. ^_^ Thank you. Map sprites are needed in order for these to be used in game though. I hope Gobgovitch's can be made eventually.
  4. Runesamurai

    Enemy/Boss Soul Eater

    I've waited so long for this! Thank you! EDIT: Will the map sprites be ready soon? DOUBLE EDIT: Here's my terrible attempt at a port: Can someone let me know if it works please? Couldn't get any back view ones sadly.
  5. Runesamurai

    Force Member Demon

    Just asking. I was expecting the battle sprites to look like the blue demon from Shining Force 2. But from behind.
  6. Runesamurai

    Force Member Demon

    Inspired by Devilman I presume?
  7. Runesamurai

    Ideas for new enemies

    More new enemy ideas: 1. Lich (New Undead Enemy. Has Desoul as an attack.) 2. Rune Gladiator (New Axe-wielding Enemy. Stronger than the Armed Skeleton.) 3. Ramladu Bodyguard (New Enemy that carries a Halberd. Is stronger than the Blue Dragon stat-wise. And two of them appear in the fight with...
  8. Runesamurai

    Ideas for new enemies

    Yes please. Please show me what you have.
  9. Runesamurai

    Ideas for new enemies

    Indeed. He felt so generic. Like just another Baron. I'm so glad Erikin fixed this in his Graphic Overhaul mod.
  10. Runesamurai

    Bug Using Extended Classes causes the level up system to become inverted

    @Steve It only works once though sadly. If you go back and make changes to the rom in the editor again afterwards it undoes the fix and trying to reapply it to the rom again doesn't work.
  11. Runesamurai

    Bug Using Extended Classes causes the level up system to become inverted

    Bumping this so it's seen more easily. And to let everyone know that I've corrected my mistake.
  12. Runesamurai

    You guys know this right?

    This is a gold mine. I am so glad you found this.
  13. Runesamurai

    Ideas for new enemies

    Bumping this for further discussion.
  14. Runesamurai

    Shining Force Alternate

    I have returned. Seems I've missed a lot.
  15. Runesamurai

    Force Member Here I made some rework of some faces

    Lemon will look and fight like Kane? Awesome. I always hated what the game did with him. He just felt like another Baron and wasn't unique at all despite having a different class name.