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Boken's Heroes

Boken's Heroes V1.2 Hotfix

This mod now uses XenoMetal's 6mb save patch for Genesis Plus.
-If you wish to use Everdrive as your emulator, do the following:

1 . Go to https://community.sfmods.com/resources/save-game-restoration-for-sf1edit-6mb-expanded-rom.261/

2. Apply this mod's ips patch first

3. Apply the Anti-patch for the Genesis Plus version.

4. Apply the Everdrive patch and you'll be all set!
Kiddo wasn't able to equip unpromoted axe weapons, now he can.
After the community has been nice enough to playtest and report bugs, I'm happy to release this newest version.

Changes include but not limited to:
Tweaks to some enemies/force member stats.
Special joins have been corrected to properly level up and use their correct spells. They've also changed in their drops during the campaign
Kiddo's been given access to axes so there's 3 total in your line up to choose from that are axe wielders.
Changed a couple characters, like Bleu to Redd(I know, I'm sooooo original)
Items near endgame were tweaked a bit so it's more competitive on what to equip your followers with.
Scene bug fixes that caused soft locks in the past have been ironed out.
The editor doing what it does best... deleting stuff... deleted the map sprite used in Guardiana after the invasion. The map sprite has been restored.
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