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Shining Force: Boken's Heroes

Shining Force: Boken's Heroes V1.2 Hotfix

Title Screen.png

This little side project has been in the works for some time. What it does is it takes Siel's amazingly randomized Shining Force patch and merge the foundation that my other project, the Shining Force Graphic Upgrade into one.

To begin playing, download the IPS patch and use it on an unmodified Bin File of Shining Force.

I recommend using save states as you play. The In-Game saving doesn't always work.
But this patch should work fine, just apply it after you apply one of SFGU's patches:

If you run into any issues, please use the link below to go to my Discord Channel. I'll have a bugs section for you to report it.

This mod now uses XenoMetal's 6mb save patch for Genesis Plus.
-If you wish to use Everdrive as your emulator, do the following:

1 . Go to https://community.sfmods.com/resources/save-game-restoration-for-sf1edit-6mb-expanded-rom.261/

2. Apply this mod's ips patch first

3. Apply the Anti-patch for the Genesis Plus version.

4. Apply the Everdrive patch and you'll be all set!


Since it wouldn't make sense for characters to be in the main world cutscenes like normal(as you may already have or not even recruited them until later in game) I have updated the scenes with new ones.

Anri at Manarina? Got a uptight guard that just hates seeing hens running around.
Lyle at Rudo? A kid will instead want to play hide and seek with you.

You get the idea!

The overall story remains the same, with minor changes to fit the new narrative. One big one is Boken(hence the mod name). He'll act as your recruiter throughout the game. Be sure to find him at towns and other locations and he may just have someone willing to join!

The recruits are dished out at the same pace as the original game. So be sure to check with him after certain events where a new member would've normally joined.
Boken Preview.png


The Force Lineup:

The main force lineup has also had a shake up, but here's the main guy:
Kane - Swordman/Hero

Wouldn't it be interesting if Kane had a chance to lead the force instead of Max? What happens to Max in this mod, you ask? You'll have to play to find out!
Kane preview.png

Boken's Heroes Lineup.png

This mod page will be a mile long trying to explain each and every character that has been added/edited. But here's a quick overview:

About half or more were replaced with characters from other Shining Force games. Not all replacements are the same characters, but you'll definitely recognize them if you've played the others.

The original members that have stayed have either have new classes or abilities to suit their needs, so they are not quite the same as vanilla SF.

One thing to keep in mind:
Your recruits to the force are doled out at the mostly same rate as the original game. So for example, when you beat the Cavern of Darkness, see him again and you'll get another recruit(like how you'd get Arthur in the original only after beating the battle)

In line with Siel's Randomizer patch, the characters occupying Domingo/Hanzou/Musashi have their own joining pool in which the game will choose which one joins first. You'll get one in Chapter 4 after hatching the mystery egg and the other 2 in chapter 7/8 by talking to Boken

Jogurt is a very special join as he'll only join if you complete all of the "hero quests" throughout the game. They won't be hard to find if you've ever played Shining Force. When he joins, he comes with a unique Ice Axe weapon that'll make the Atlas a little bit jealous.


Some battles have been changed and others heavily changed. Don't expect this to be easy, as enemies have been given a buff to their stats. Think your moves carefully and use everything at your disposal and you may just make it out alive.

MP replenishing items, called Elixers, are not available for sale and found throughout the game to help mages keep their MP stocked. I did give most mages a bump in MP growth, so you shouldn't run out MP near the end game if you're smart with your spell usage.

Since we're talking about spells...
There are two variants, the single and multi-versions of spells:

Single: Blaze, Freeze, Bolt, Blast
One enemy, deals more damage and is generally cheaper to cast.

Multi: Katon, Icen, Sparks, Volley
Multiple enemies but deal less damage (about half of single's) and costs more.

Also, Mages pre-promotion have a high chance to use the "Whisper" attack that'll take HP away from the enemy, very useful in the early game when they may not have mp but can still attack and not do just 1 damage.

Items: There's more unique items to collect. Mostly from bosses, keep those inventories ready to scoop them up!

Gold is harder to come by(especially in the earlier game), so be careful!
To counteract this, I placed items on enemies that you can sell to the vendor for some gold. There are also chests scattered around the towns that will have some gold as well. Items for sale have been reduced as well, so it's not hard to restock/equip your members, just be more wary about wastefully throwing away stuff.


Honorable mentions/credits:
While a lot of what's in this mod is my work to get everything working together, there are a lot of things that I cannot do. I am always appreciative of the work that has come before me and will always try to give credit where credit is due.

If I miss anyone or a mention of where anything in Boken's Heroes has come from, please let me know and I'll add you/it to the list.

If anyone does not wish their artwork to be in included in this mod, please dm me and I'll remove it asap.

He has provided some much-needed tech support when trying to optimize as much of the original SFGU and Seil's patch. He has edited some of the code so it's a little more Modder friendly.

He is an amazing artist and has done some work on Mishaela's battle sprites and other enemies/members. He has also done some custom artwork for this project that frankly would not be possible without him.

She has been my rock during this mod's development.

Ivan Cal:
He did all of the Final Conflict sprite work that I have borrowed from and converted over to SF1's graphical limits. It really helped make the new force lineup that much more unique.

This site is amazing and the community continues to put out some amazing artwork. One in particular that immediately comes to mind is the Capricorn(Deerayv) enemies.

Spriter's Resource:
An amazing site where some of the more unique looking enemies came from

Demon Rises Mod
Some enemies
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