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Shining Force: Unlikely Alliance

Shining Force: Unlikely Alliance V1.0 Hotfix

Unlikely Alliance Title Screen.png

Hello, once again!

When I was working on the playable Kane mod as an optional file for the Graphic Upgrade. I was asked if I could include the other villains of the story to be joinable. And as usual, things snowball from there and now we have Unlikely Alliance :)

This mod now uses XenoMetal's 6mb save patch for Genesis Plus.
-If you wish to use Everdrive as your emulator, do the following:

1 . Go to https://community.sfmods.com/resources/save-game-restoration-for-sf1edit-6mb-expanded-rom.261/

2. Apply this mod's ips patch first

3. Apply the Anti-patch for the Genesis Plus version.

4. Apply the Everdrive patch and you'll be all set!

If you run into any issues, please use the link below to go to my Discord Channel. I'll have a bugs section for you to report it.


Long story short, you have an entirely different roster of characters to collect and command into battle.

The storyline has been changed to some degree to fit with the new narrative, and I hope you enjoy that aspect of this mod as well! New scenes are implemented to fit the new characters and how they join.

Screenshot 1.png

Screenshot 2.png

Things to take note when playing:

1. No one promotes. Level 20 is the level cap, you'll gain levels slower, but should gain more stats per level up.

2. As with any of my mods. It's always recommended to make a savestate before a battle and keep a 2nd while you're battling.
This way, if something goes wrong, send me those savestates at my discord(through a direct message preferrably) and I'll take a look and see if there's anything on my end that needs addressing.

All characters joinable, in no particular order other than how they are in the editor.

Credit where credit is due!
There is no shortage of outstanding pixel artists that have made amazing artwork over the years. Here's a few honorable mentions:
Lynx - He's made the hero of the story's graphics among other things you'll see here(Like Mishaela's force facing sprite).
Mr.TheNoronha / Steve - As usual, their work is greatly appreciated and honored to be featured.
Corsair - His work is legendary and is used for a couple characters in the lineup(Tomoko and Darla)

All artists who have uploaded awesome battlesprites and other artwork here at SFmods. You guys are amazing!

And last but not least, everyone who has played the beta at my discord and has given me feedback/bugs to fix while this was in development, you guys rock!
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    This mod now uses XenoMetal's 6mb save patch for Genesis Plus. -If you wish to use Everdrive as...

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A fun cast of new characters that work well together and a good chance to try each out. Some nice QOL improvements. And a modified storyline! Lots of fun.
Thanks for trying it! I'm glad you had fun.