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Shining Force 2 Graphic Upgrade

Shining Force 2 Graphic Upgrade V1.2

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This mod is focused on giving most forcemembers/enemies/weapons their own battle sets/models, no more clones! Other little things like updated portraits/mapsprites/icons.

Usual rules apply, you need to use the provided patch and use it on an unmodified bin file. You will need something like Lunar IPS Patcher to administer the patch.

Things to note:
The special configuration is automatic, meaning you won't need to input the code and the chime will automatically happen. When starting a new game, the options like "turbo mode" will be asked.

If you want to change the names of characters, you will need to hold down "start" once the chime is completed at the beginning and keep holding it until you finish typing the name of your hero and hit "end", then you'll be able to make the rest of the changes to names.

If you run into any issues, please use the link below to go to my Discord Channel. I'll have a bugs section for you to report it.


SF2GU preview.png

Preview 2.png

Special credit where credit's due:

Ivan_Cal for his work on some of the weapon models, like the Heat Axe.

Alones for his fantastic icons, his work was the base for all icons.

Xeno and Wiz for their work on the SF2 Disassembly. It's a work in progress and they have worked tirelessly and through their efforts, this mod is possible.

Steve, aka Projectego. His friend, MrthNoronha has made awesome sprites that I was given permission to utilize. One such spriteset is Galam.
Some forcemembers, like Lemon was based on a resource by Lynx here at SFmods.
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