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Centaur Force 2

Centaur Force 2 3-2-24_1

Centaur Force 2 is a complete overhaul for SF2. All characters have been upgraded to Centaur versions. In addition new classes, new characters, expanded towns, new spells, more dialog, lots of minor fixes and more.

CF2 is still has lots of bugs, but most are either minor, or ones I have no idea how to fix, so I'm releasing a testbuild for now. I spent over a year working on this, would love to hear feedback, what new classes you liked, what parts did you appreticaed being added in... ect...

If you want me to go into more details about things added or things to look out for, just let me know and I can add that info.

The .bin file has been tested on the Fusion Emulator.

Latest updates

  1. New Test Build

    Fixes: -Peter's correct starting class and level -Nasca Ship showing as Kraken Head -Many text...