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RotDD All Characters in Chapter 1 at Level 1 1.0.0

This is an edited save of the gba remake, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon, which has every character unlocked at the start of the game. Two saves are included:

Save 1: All Characters at Level 1 with approximated stats and base weapons
Save 2: All Characters at the level they normally join and their weapons

This was made to allow players to start the game with any character they choose, especially characters who would otherwise have joined too late into the game to be considered viable. Characters like Alef and Torasu who have learned more advanced spells will start with Blaze and Heal respectively, in order to balance them. All stats were approximated for characters who don't join at level 1, with the help of Tyadran who provided the stats. Each save starts after the first conversation with the priest, and all characters have appropriate weapons for their level, with the exception of Hanzou and Musashi.

Screenshots below:

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Great little save file for trying RotDD as a new experience with different characters!