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Beta SF II Refined 0.2

This mod is at very early point of development.

What does it do?

It corrects weapon placement on heroes' battle sprites for now. All animations checked, most are revamped.

Nothing else changed in the base game yet.

Some fixes/features, my own ideas and rework of some assets are on the way.

New battle animations for KNTE/PLDN (credit to AlyssonDaPaz aka Alones).
New battle animations for some "palette swaps".
Separate weapons battle animations, new frames for lances/spears.
2nd idle frames for characters/enemies except Arrow Launcher.
Map sprite edits & new map sprites.
Huge character rebalance.
Merchants in Elven Village.
Potion as 4th regular healing item instead of Healing Water.
Fairy Powder as regular buyable item.
New weapon effects.
New battle backgrounds & platforms.
New enemies (created by using a bunch of unused enemy palettes).
Some enemies will appear earlier.
Reduced or increased spell damage/MP cost.
Renamed spells.
Some spells and mechanics fixes.
Promotion lvl - 30.
Plot changes (not gonna reveal anything yet).
New secret classes and (possibly) new spells.
Japanese names for most characters except Jaha.
2 new characters (take a guess who).
No random battles.
Edited battles.

I hope you like this small improvement.

Feedback is appreciated ;)
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Latest updates

  1. v.0.2 released!

    Updated Force Sword graphics.