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Shining Force Graphic Upgrade

Shining Force Graphic Upgrade 4.0c Hotfix

This mod now uses XenoMetal's 6mb save patch for Genesis Plus.
-If you wish to use Everdrive as your emulator, do the following:

1 . Go to https://community.sfmods.com/resources/save-game-restoration-for-sf1edit-6mb-expanded-rom.261/

2. Apply this mod's ips patch first

3. Apply the Anti-patch for the Genesis Plus version.

4. Apply the Everdrive patch and you'll be all set!
Corrected small issues like the walkable chest at Metapha and a misplaced chest that had the granite ball way too early(not really needed as Lyle comes equipped with it).

The forked versions come in two files:
1. Stats revamp.
- A small change to forcemembers stat growths, especially characters that either joined late with terrible levels and/or just terrible growth curves to begin with. Should make the overall experience a little better.

2. Playable Kane.
- This was requested as it's a popular mod by none other than Tyadran. He's given me full permission and blessing to incorporate it into my SFGU. There are some additional story bits I added in to give Kane some more face time (especially in the early game scenes).

Long story short, the CB disappears when Max does his final blow. A user reported it to me and I have resolved it.
Fixed Lyle so when he uses an arrow(if someone chooses to), it'll use the correct angles. Also reinstated Misheala's old look for now.
After learning some new tricks, the SFGU has been updated with new graphics and animations.

Special shoutout to Meowth/Lynx for Misheala's artwork!
Small update, curtesy of Ivan_Cal's recent work. Added some changes, most notably the chapter title screens.
Had a small issue with one particular enemy choosing the wrong battlesprite/mapsprites. Corrected.
Hello everyone, while I was working on SF2GU, I suddenly had the urge to update somethings in the first game. It started by just working on getting the centaurs some better-looking sprites and it dived into the full update, complete with new sprites for members, enemies, and other misc. tweaks I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

One thing you've been waiting for is something for Anri/Tao when they have their special items, I'm happy to say that is now a thing, the spritework themselves can use some additional attention, but for the time being, it'll do. If anyone wants to work on something similar to what I have made and want to share, I'd be honored to feature it here. Thanks, and enjoy SFGU3.1!
-Updated idles for some characters.
-Updated Jogurt so he can have a promotion, and he also levels fine as far as I can tell.
Jogurt can also wield most weapons, only staffs he can't equip.
-Updated Lyle's attack animation for the buster shot and assault shell.
-Updated Luke with a new set by the talented Dan.
Corrected an issue with Tao not showing any staffs in the battle cutscene