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Shining Force II - No Rand 2.0

Slight update to the file; made it a remover/restorer pair of files to toggle the battles on/off. Now you can patch and un-patch the file.

I tested it with several mods I ran across, and I had:
Successful patches with:
SFII - Gong edition
SFII Maeson
Shining Force 2 Requiem
Shining Tactics
Shining Tactics Steam Edition
Shining Force 2 War of the Gods+
SF2 Challenge Mode
Shining Chaos Prelude

Unsuccessful patches with:
Guy Jepson's Challenge Mode
SF2 New Story (by Selgar)

Also, this patch tool is unlikely to work with any full mods I release, due to their uncommon structure.

Feel free to try it with a duplicate copy of any other mod, as it doesn't seem to matter as much as I thought it would if it is a base size 2MB or expanded 4MB. It should work patching at any point: patch to base file, patch to modded file, even files for current playthroughs (as long as save file name matches).