Hi everyone

Hello all. I have been a Shining Force since the day it was released on Genesis. Been a member at SFC for 14 years. Hopefully, this site picks up and gains traction since SFC has been declining for years D:.
Thank you. I found this because I got back into my project of retranslating Shining Force. Hoping this sites new tool (pretty sure this is the site) will make it easier for me to reinsert the new dialogue.
Of course! There are many things being added to the site from what i know so keep an eye out and if you have any question's just ask Steve :)


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Hey Dr. Doom! :)

I dare say that we'll ever be as popular as SFC, but that also isn't my goal. SFC is absolutely perfect as a hub for all things pertaining to the SF universe, but this place is more focused towards providing tools for people whom want to take it a step further and get their hands dirty with modifying the game. Dan and I will be providing a lot of artwork as time goes by, but I'm also hoping that others will be willing to share their own graphics, mods, tools, research - everything, really.

We're all be able to accomplish much more if we work together, right?

Edit: If you would be happy to have us host it for you, Dr. Doom, I think it would be a tremendous asset if you were able to share your translated script. I think it would make the game much more accessible for a larger audience.
Hahaha, nope i am Dr. Doom over there as well (i noticed you edited your post after i was emailed of your response so i see that you thought i was Lobo). In fact if you look at the forums you will see my name on a few of them as the last person to post.

I started this endeavor because i knew for a fact that the japanese version had more "information" than our release and I wanted that back into the game. I also wanted to make it more "correct."

I personally have no experience modding and I was planning to edit the dialogue through sfedit (which i know will be time consuming). I suppose when i am done translating it i should learn to make an ips patch for it but like i said i have no experience in that respect.


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Yeah - my bad! When you mentioned that you were working a SF translation project it immediately reminded me of Lobo's efforts in translating the game into Portuguese.

I'm totally with you on the Japanese cut being the definitive version. I had previously made some attempts to kicking off a similar project, but realised that there were much more capable people working on it and thought I'd leave it to the pros. ;)

Not sure if you are aware of this feature (you probably are), but SF1Edit has the ability to export the entire SF script into a single document for much easier editing. I actually only learned of this about a year or so after starting work with the editor, so just thought I'd mention it just in case.
Oh yeah i know. I already used sf1edit to pull the script but unfortunately when they did the game the script is out of order from the flow of the game i.e. line 0 doesnt start the opening dialogue for the title screen. so while its nice to have the script pulled into a text file i still have to search line by line to find out where it is exactly.

i started this project many years ago but i got bored very quickly because of the time it took to sort out siel's translations but I got back into it recently and found a much easier way. in the past week i was able to sort all dialogue. now i will focus on 1 chapter at a time and release it.