Fixed Items skipping 'cracked' and immediately 'bursting into flames', regardless of 'regular' or 'Extended' placement


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Tyadran said:
So it seems like items breaking with Extended Items on may not work. No matter what I try I'm getting the "consumed by flames" message even if a broken version of the item is present in the corresponding slot. Maybe another bug to list?

Tyadran said:
[...] nothing we do is stopping breakable items from instantly breaking, even with the proper setup. I'll make the same item changes to an untouched copy later and see if I have the same issue.

I personally haven't used Extended with the new editor versions[/quote[
Siel later explains:

Siel said:
It looks like Extend Items has "sell to deals" erroneously treated the same as "broken", which causes those items to burst straight into flames without passing by the second page. Leaving it unchecked allows using and cracking the items as normal, but it of course has the side effect of not moving the items to the deals section when dropped to a character with a full inventory.