Shining Force 1; 12 Man Marathon V. 1.0.0


Shining Buddy
It's finally here everyone! The long awaited....

Shining Force 1 12 Man Marathon!

After many play-tests, various bug fixes, and some other stuff, I bring to you quite possibly the best ever Shining Force hack made by man. (It's kind of a stretch)

-You start the game with the whole force! Once Ken, Luke, Tao, and Hans join, so does the rest of the gang!

-New items! Such as the Mystic Herb, which can be used in battle to raise a characters MP! The orbs also provide a powerful punch!

-Changed battles! Many of the battles have been changed to add to the difficulty.

-New spells! Max and some others learn ZAP, a slightly weakened, but much more sturdy BOLT. And did I mention that several spells have added levels, like BOOST 2?

-Many characters learn magic! The bird-men learn a whole arsenal of spells, along with Bleu too!

-And much more to find while playing!

-When the Mystic Herb is used in battle, it just shows 0 instead of saying '____'s MP increases by _!"

-The Chaos Breaker may not raise the Castle at the end of the game. I say may because I haven't tested the fix I implemented.

-Hanzou and Mussashi can't gain EXP early game, so they join at level 10 like they would late-game, so maybe wait to use them?

-A few other, small, unnecessary ones.

-The unpromoted level cap is 15 instead of 20.

-Healing now brings in a lot more EXP, only because of the fact that....

-The final boss has every boss in the game now present. The colossus heads all spawn 15 times after being defeated.

-Domingo promotes into MBST, but his map and battle sprite aren't set correctly. (Magic Beast)

-And much more!

-The pre-patched ROM can be found here;