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Shining Force Alternate

Shining Force Alternate V2.1G

Just finished this tonight and I loved it. Very interesting take on my first RPG. I loved the combined elements of all the Shining Force games and how everything was arranged. The AI upgrade was welcome and it actually made me strategize a lot more compared to the original, where some enemies would stay static the whole fight and didn't have as many abilities. I also enjoyed the cameos of certain characters that would be in future titles. To everyone that worked on this mod, you have my sincerest thanks for an enjoyable gameplay experience. I salute you! Shining Force Forever~
This mod was fantastic when I played it in 2019, and it's even better now. Gave me that feeling of excitement I had when I first played the original. All the additions keep you guessing and keep things fresh, and I absolutely love what you did with Maxine. I've always wished there were more force leaders who were women. Wonderful work. Innovative. Outstanding. Never been done before. Eight thumbs up.
Absolutely loved the new story, graphics and mechanics. Characters are fun to use and are all relevant to the team. Great Mod!