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Shining Force: Legacy of the Ancients 1.0.4

- Fixed the status effect spells not giving experience in vanilla (muddle, sleep, dispel, slow, quick, attack, and shield) - Special thanks to Xeno for this!
- I realized that the original game was tested and balanced with the land effect not working, and that by fixing the land effect, I made everyone too tanky. To fix this, i reduced all non-flying force member's defense by 15%. - Special thanks to CirrusAF for making me realize this!
- Now all promoted rangers will correctly display their special attack animations.
- Fixed the marionette haunting you after the battle.

- Added new artwork for promoted Diane.
- Polished Gong, Kokichi, Diane, Khris, and Lowe.
- Fixed the green color in the circus tent not being correctly displayed.

New Features
- Now Lug and Gort will correctly display a sword/axe in their map sprites, depending in what weapon type they have in their inventory.
- Started reworking the music scripts, so that they enhance the situations happening in the plot, currently implemented in the intro scene.
-Fixed a bug in vanilla causing buffs/debuffs not wearing off after the message saying the effect finished, and staying considerably longer (special thanks to Xeno!).
-Fixed a bug in vanilla causing Domingo to be targeted as a super high priority target for enemy AI, now he is mid priority (over knights, warriors, etc. but below mages, archers, healers, etc.)
-Fixed a bug in vanilla causing the enemy AI not identifying the wizard class as a priority target at all, unlike they do with mages. Now mages retain the same priority when promoted to wizards.
-Fixed Diane joining with the wrong level.
-Fixed the attack spell displaying the wrong animation when cast.
-Fixed the shop roof in Rindo behaving wrong when you approach it.
-Removed experience overflow, since it makes your team overleveled as time passes. It will be enabled in the future when the exp caps are adjusted.

-Corrected a mistake in vanilla causing the enemy skeleton placing his foot hovering over the floor when seen in the church battle.
-Polished one frame of unpromoted Max, in which his head was too big in comparison to the others.
-Polished promoted Gong idle animation.
-Polished unpromoted Arthur idle animation.
-Corrected a wrong pixel in the enemy worm map sprite.
-Corrected a wrong pixel in the rune knight's helmet.
-Power wine and protect milk now display icons that better resemble their original icons.

-Changed from "Protection Milk" to "Protect Milk", since the game doesn't handle longer names very well.
-Corrected a typo in the name "Seabat".
-Minor retranslations.
Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug causing the roof to not disappear when you approach in the shops of Waral.
-Fixed a walkable tile in a wall next to the headquarters in Bustoke.
-Fixed a misplaced tile in a house of Runefaust.
-Fixed a wrongly assigned range in the arrow launchers.
-Fixed an overworld tile that had an unpolished corner, repeated along all the game.
-Fixed a bug causing the shield spell blocking item effects (medical herb, healing seed, antidote, and shower of cure) instead of just spell casts.

-Adjusted promoted Max's head when he walks to the side.
-Drew better wings in the pegasus knights' map sprite.
-Ghoul battle sprite enlarged.
-Zombies now jump more into the center of the body, instead of to the feet.
-Polished the shadows in Kane's, Balbazak's, and conches' battle sprites.
-Polished the hellhounds' back in their map sprite.
-Adjusted some enemies displaying an inaccurate weapon type.
-Polished various spell/item icons.

New Features
-Added experience overflow, now the excess of experience needed to gain the next level will not be lost.

-Minor retranslations.