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Shining Force: Legacy of the Ancients

Shining Force: Legacy of the Ancients 1.0.5

This version of the mod aims to rework Shining Force 1 in all graphical aspects, and to fix all known bugs in the game, updating the game while preserving the original artstyle, story, and gameplay.

Graphical rework includes:
  • New/reworked battle sprites for force members, with unique battle frames for every character.
  • Anri and Tao alternative outfits are now displayed even in battle scene.
  • Every enemy has it's unique map/battle sprites (no palette swaps), and the old ones have been revised.
  • Revised map sprites + added more variety to npcs, including new unique map sprites to special characters.
  • Reworked portraits + added new portraits to characters that didn't have them.
  • Reworked weapon sprites + added variety.
  • Reworked icons for all items.
  • Reworked map tiles.
  • Reworked chapter screens and other misc, artwork.

- All the changes aim to preserve the original look of the game, featuring artwork from SF2, CD, SF:RotDD (adapted into the genesis style).
- As to clarify, apart from giving unique artwork to all palette swapped enemies, some enemies that had the same art and palette were also given their own appearance, since they were a new enemy with distinct stats, although looking identical to their antecesor.

Gameplay bug-fixes include:


  • Battle 4 - Alterone Town Square
    • Dark Mage now has the Shield Ring equipped. Note: Previously the Shield Ring was left unequipped in his inventory.
    • Dark Dwarf now moves correctly when approached (one of them previously remained still, instead of using his programmed movement).
  • Battle 9 - Bustoke Quarry
    • Dark Mages now have the Shield Ring equipped. Note: Previously the Shield Ring was left unequipped in their inventories.
  • Battle 14 - Uranbatol Harbour
    • Evil Puppet enemy replaced with a priest (which he should have been, judging by the fact that he has a staff equipped, and has access to healing spells).
  • Battle 18 - Rudo Forest leading to Dragonia
    • High Priests and Master Mages now have their respective weapons equipped. Note: Previously their weapons were left unequipped in respective inventories.
  • Battle 24 - Metapha
    • Demon Masters now equipped with Demon Rods. Reason: Previously completely unarmed.
    • Demon Master no longer uses non-existing Muddle 3 spell; replaced with Freeze 3, as all the other Demon Masters.
  • Battle 25 - To Runefaust
    • Demon Masters and High Priests are now equipped with Great Rods, since it's considered a mistake that they use/can use Holy Staves, since they're evil beings. Great Rods were introduced in the game with this concrete purpose, and have all the same stats as the original Holy Staves, rendering no gameplay change.
  • Battle 26 - Runefaust Castle #1
    • High Priests now equipped with Great Rods (same explanation as for Battle #25).
  • Battle 27 - Runefaust Castle #2
    • Ramladu now equipped with new weapon, 'Imperial Mace', as can be seen in his original artwork. The new weapons has the same stats as his original weapons (Holy Stave), rendering no gameplay change.
  • Battle 29 - Darksol's Lair
    • High Priests are now equipped with Great Rods (same explanation as for Battle #25).
  • Corrections
    • Line #63: Text updated to read, '[With] the battle over and Rune [...]'.
    • Line #470: Replaced 'loses' with 'gains'. Reason: Using the Demon Rod to steal an enemy's MP does not expend or lose MP - it's actually the opposite.
    • Line #703: Corrected grammatical error, '[...]Though strong, but we also [...]'.
    • Line #1974: 'Hanzo' text updated to read 'Hanzou'. Reason: For consistency's sake, and it would appear that 'Hanzou' is the canonical spelling.
    • Priest will now respond with correct text string when player declines Force member reviving.
    • Kane no longer erroneously known as 'Cain' during the battle in Dragonia.
  • Misc.
    • 'Luke' renamed to 'Lug'. Reason: 'Luke' is a result of a localization error, and there already exists a Luke in SF2. He is also called Lug in Shining Force CD.
      • Force member name changed to 'Lug'.
      • Line #748: 'Luke' text updated to read 'Lug'.
      • Line #915: 'Luke' text updated to read 'Lug'.
    • 'Chimaera' enemy corrected to 'Chimera'.
    • 'Durahan' enemy unit renamed to 'Dullahan'. Reason: The misspelling was likely due to a localisation error. These enemies are correctly referred to as 'Dullahan' in the GBA remake.
    • Treasure chest-opening text changed from '[NAME] discovers a[LINE][ITEM]!' to '[NAME] discovered:[LINE][ITEM]!' Reason: Better accommodates all items and in some cases benefits readability. Example: 'Max discovers a Evil Ring' - not grammatically correct.
  • Egress now works out of battle, as in Shining Force 2. Doesn't change the gameplay itself, apart from the possibility to cut down on walking time, on occasions.
  • Units that join already promoted now gain experience correctly. They previously gained experience as unpromoted units, although being promoted, resulting in them overleveling.
  • Land effect now works correctly. Originally it didn't work, or even had other, erroneous, effects.
  • Hanzou now correctly learns Desoul Level 2 upon reaching level 25. Reason: Previously learned Desoul Level 1 for a second time.
  • Ken's promoted 'voice' set to match his unpromoted 'voice'.
  • Anri and Tao's alternate outfit 'voices' set to match their promoted and unpromoted 'voices'.
  • There is now a join notification when Adam joins the Shining Force. Reason: For newer players, it is not immediately clear that Adam joins immediately before the Chaos battle in Metapha as there is no notification of any kind.
  • Auto item pass out of battle has been implemented, so now if Max acquires an item and has his inventory full, he'll automatically pass it to the next party member.
  • Smart heal implemented, the healers now will choose what level of heal is optimal, depending on distance and missing hp.

Future features:
  • Retranslating the dialogues from the original japanese game.
  • Adding sensible dialogues and character development featured in SF:RotDD.
  • Reworking the enemies AI so they're not so clunky.
  • Sensible rebalance of the force members, so they are all arguably usable/viable.
  • Same treatment for the enemies, so they all pose a balanced challenge according to the time in the game they're presented.

  • For mobile emulation, use Retroarch (with picodrive core), excluisvely, since other mobile emulators are not stable enough. Other emulators will crash the game at the intro.
  • To save, use exclusively savestates. In game saves are not currently working.
  • Trying to furtherly mod the rom will break it (even if you cannot notice it at first). If you're interested in using this mod as base for your own mod, contact me, so can help you mod it without breaking it.

Special thanks to:
  • Erikin, since this mod used as base the Graphic Upgrade.
  • Steve, for supporting the Shining Force modding community with this website, along with all the free artwork.
  • Rubixcuber, for creating the modding tool that made this mod possible.
  • Tyadran, for his insight on the use of the Shining Force Editor.
  • Siel, who provided with various patches fixing bugs and adding features.
  • Alones, who allowed to use his artwork for this mod.
  • Xeno, who indirectly made this mod possible by helping create the Graphic Upgrade.
  • Hitokiri Shinigami, for relentlessly playtesting the game, and assisting me while i made it.


Playthrough by Nihil

Download the rar file and decompress it using winrar. Then take the generated ips patch and apply it using lunar ips (or a patching software of your preference), to an original Shining Force: Legacy of Great Intention US version rom. Then run it in your emulator, for mobile, it will run exclusively on Retroarch (with picodrive core); for PC there should be a variety, go for Gens if you want to be sure (since it was the one in which I tested it).
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Latest reviews

The things that intrigued me to try this mod the most, were the new battle sprites, weapons and character portaits. The new battle sprites look awesome (especially the centaurs), except for a few which don't look bad but I don't consider them improvements over the originals (e.g. Max). The presentation tweaks for the intro and the chapters were also done in good taste. The fact that this mod fixes the EXP and land effect bugs of the original game, plus it adds an auto item pass feature, greatly improves the gameplay too.

Not able to save in-game is a huge disadvantage but I decided to forget about it as long as the mod is good. I mostly use emulators for retro-gaming anyway, so using only savestates is ok. I didn't like at all some added NPC portraits. Especially the shopkeeper who uses the portait of Liukan from Suikoden 1! I can't understand the thought process behind this choice... Breaking immersion for a shopkeeper's portrait??? The thing that I disliked the most though, was the replacement of all the outdoor battle scene backdrops (e.g. forests, mountains) with the SFII ones. Making the first game look as much as the second one wasn't right for me. Both have similar art styles but also their own unique artistic direction / character. Unfortunately, I felt that all these changes weren't improving the overall look of the game but made it look like like an early SFII prototype build. Sorry, I really wanted to like and use this mod.
The next version should improve most if not all of the things you weren't comfortable with. Although I wouldn't get the expectations too high, in sight of such subjective standards. Still, I hope you managed enjoy the mod.
Love it! I hope the next version comes out soon