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Shining Force Eternity

Shining Force Eternity 1.0

*To be patched onto a 2MB rom of Shining Force II*

Looking at Shining Force II, a man wondered, "How much more could it be?"

Thanks to the SF2 Disassembly, I was able to expand many aspects of the game in a pursuit to create a new framework to host the ideas of new mods.

In this specific mod you can find:

-Expanded Allies: a friendly fairy is willing to support you in your battle against evil

-Expanded Enemies: enemies abound with varieties of each enemy type populating new and classic battles. Some enemies might only be seen as you stumble into a new batch of demons setting up camp in a battlefield which you had previously cleared.

-Expanded Difficulties: the classic 4 difficulties have been made fully functional to boost enemy stats with: Normal (base stats), Hard (125% offense), Super (156% offense), and Ouch (156% offense, 125% defense).

-Expanded Items: new weapons, items, and accessories were added to offer more variety in playthroughs. Pure Mythril weapons can be forged for early power, and special accessories giving unique effects can be found or crafted.

-Expanded Magic: two new elements have been added (Earth and Water), and all 6 elements are represented in the 3 magic types of Spells, Techniques, and Summons. Thankfully, with all this magic, your allies also have access to more magic resistance.

-Expanded Classes: the keystone of the mod; by way of special items, each unpromoted class can branch to at least 2 promoted options. These options might alter their available equipment, change their movement type, give access to new magic, or beef them up to address the enemy personally. While there are many class options, there are only so many of these items, and you will not be able to have every party configuration.

It might present a rough start, with so many mechanics changed, but I hope it becomes a fun play as you become more familiar with the game and try new teams.
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