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Playable Elliott

Indeed. I feel the same way.
A fitting tribute to the finest swordsman in all of Rune.
I did make Elliot’s sword equippable by the shining force in my graphic mod... I bet we could have Elliot join the force with this sprite, now that I have made a supportable extended battle sprite layout. Could be fun, nice work!
Dan did design a version of Elliott's claymore a year or two back, but I haven't gotten around to tweaking it yet. I'm pretty sure it includes one too many colours, if I recall correctly. I'll update the original post regardless as I know that I'll end up forgetting to update it.
It's truly amazing to see my favorite character in SF1 finally become playable i always felt it was a waste killing him off and it irritated me even more that in ROTDD Khris was going to heal him and he refused (again such a waste).