Shining Force - Brothers Mod

Shining Force - Brothers Mod v3.3

Warning this review will contain spoilers of a game that’s been out since 1991 so if you haven’t played it then...well you should stop reading this and play it right now. “Playable Kane yesssss!” I thought to myself. Kane was one of the first if not the first character I was truely upset over when he passed (hey shut up I was 9 at the time). Now I haven’t played Shining Force in a little while probably since 2008 but when I picked it up I just started rolling through until the initial battle. First battle: Goblins grouping together...hmm that’s new. I’ll just move Max up and wreck these gob...*Max is exhausted* Okay so this is definitely new. Yes playable Kane but with a brutal catch as this is not your average Shining Force. This is bring your A game and your A team as every battle will feel like a milestone. I felt like it was Shining Tactics all over again. I cannot tell you how many times I egressed from the circus tent and the mayor with sweat on his face asking me if his child is safe. No he’s not safe but hey now I’m level 13 (I postpone certain character’s promotions). I made Gong my tank and forced him to chug every protect milk I saved. I’m pretty sure he had a stomach ache from it. The new battle art for certain characters and bosses fit more in line with their sprites which I loved. By the time I got Kane I didn’t care as I felt more accomplished just getting to that point. He was just the icing on the cake. For people looking for a challenge and an excellent mod with up to date sprites and new battle focuses this is a great mod that will test your SRPG limits. As others will inquire about this mod with your feat of accomplishment you’ll say to them “Do you even SF Brothers, Bro?”
An amazing mod that gets better every year! I've followed this through the years and v3.0 is the best release yet! Go Lobo!