Shining Force - Brothers Mod

Shining Force - Brothers Mod v3.3

Brothers Mod v3.3 features:

*** No more promotion sickness!
Promoted stats doesn't get cut in 15%.
Instead, they get raised by 10%.

*** New minimum level to promote!
Lvl 10 characters can't get promoted anymore.
Promoting window now opens up at lvl16 and goes until lvl20.
Promoted characters now receive experience points as a lvl+15 unpromoted.

*** Late characters already promoted!
From chapter 6 on, every character to join the force will be already promoted.

*** Force members and enemies attributes rebalanced!

*** New spell (range ability) for Adam!

*** New animations for Adam, Bleu and Zappa!

*** New promoted sprites for Zappa!

*** Yogurt Ring redefined!
No more costume changing, which actually used to brake Jogurt's animation in previous versions.
Instead, the ring will be equippable by Jogurt, giving him a battle bonus.

*** New opening screen presenting Brothers Mod!

*** New lines in Simone's text, quoting SFC and SFmods!

Link to the ips file: ... mo64Jg82CU