Shining Force Graphic Upgrade

Shining Force Graphic Upgrade V3.2

You can download the ips patch by clicking on the orange download button on the top right of the page.

I personally use Lunar IPS patcher to patch the shining force games.
Located here:

Here is a quick preview of what is in this mod:
- New weapon sprites for all classes.
- New Battle sprites for all characters. No more palette swaps!
- More unique kings(no more "Attack of the clone kings" during your playthrough)
- Unique enemy types, these do not replace existing enemies, all battles should work exactly the same, you'll just have more variety in enemies to face.
- Mishaela has a slightly different introduction and dialogue in earlier chapters. She has her own sprite that actually looks like her...
The only thing I have done that wasn't exclusively Graphic oriented, was Jogurt. He now levels/promotes to a Yogurt Hero and can cast spells, his stats are based on Arthur's at the moment, and he can use all weapons, why? Because he's Batman...I mean Jogurt!

And did somebody say shotgun?
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  1. V3.2

    Small update, curtesy of Ivan_Cal's recent work. Added some changes, most notably the chapter...
  2. Small fix

    Had a small issue with one particular enemy choosing the wrong battlesprite/mapsprites. Corrected.
  3. V3.1

    Hello everyone, while I was working on SF2GU, I suddenly had the urge to update somethings in...

Latest reviews

Improves everything graphically and doesnt change original vanilla gameplay. I'd say there's no reason to play SF:LoGI without this mod!