Shining Force Graphic Upgrade

Shining Force Graphic Upgrade V3.2

Small update, curtesy of Ivan_Cal's recent work. Added some changes, most notably the chapter title screens.
Had a small issue with one particular enemy choosing the wrong battlesprite/mapsprites. Corrected.
Hello everyone, while I was working on SF2GU, I suddenly had the urge to update somethings in the first game. It started by just working on getting the centaurs some better-looking sprites and it dived into the full update, complete with new sprites for members, enemies, and other misc. tweaks I'm sure you'll all enjoy.

One thing you've been waiting for is something for Anri/Tao when they have their special items, I'm happy to say that is now a thing, the spritework themselves can use some additional attention, but for the time being, it'll do. If anyone wants to work on something similar to what I have made and want to share, I'd be honored to feature it here. Thanks, and enjoy SFGU3.1!
-Updated idles for some characters.
-Updated Jogurt so he can have a promotion, and he also levels fine as far as I can tell.
Jogurt can also wield most weapons, only staffs he can't equip.
-Updated Lyle's attack animation for the buster shot and assault shell.
-Updated Luke with a new set by the talented Dan.
Corrected an issue with Tao not showing any staffs in the battle cutscene
Updated the portraits, so all kings have unique portraits
Also fixed the issue where repairing a cracked item crashes the game.

Kinda skipped update b here, i updated over in SFC but forgot to change the page here, my bad :(
Corrected some issues with enemy units not selecting the right sprites, palette fixes.

Updated Jogurt so he properly "promotes" even though he doesn't really promote to anything, you can promote him whenever he reaches 20. I have changed the name of the Jogurt ring to Jogurt Suit, and when you give/use the item on a forcemember, they will appear in the battle scene with a suit that looks like jogurt (from the Game Boy advance version)

Updated Guntz, his promoted spriteset is now a converted GBA spriteset.

Corrected some odd map issues that affected certain events from behaving properly.
It's been a while since I updated this mod, been working hard at Shining Force Alternate. But it's here now and better than ever! New battle sprites for all characters, new map sprites for townspeople and new enemies to face on the battlefield. Keep in mind, that the battles will work exactly the same, you'll just have more of a variety of enemies to dispatch in your quest to save all of Rune!

Why 3.0 and not 2.2? Well, for one I had to start from scratch, and with all the changes from the previous version, I felt it was warranted.
Some small touches, it's the little things that make the difference...