Shining Force: Movement of the Odyssey

I was planning on making a post on SFC but because i am more active here i figured i would post it here instead. This will be a complete Rework/Overhaul of the first Shining Force game
here are some things you can expect

1. New story elements

2. Many new force members

3. New classes

4. New enemies

5. Restored cut content

6. New sprite's thanks to Steve and his friend Dan. Merci!!!

7. Mythic weapons (more about this later im on my phone)

i will try to update this post as much as i can as well as answer any questions you guys have and dont be afraid to share some ideas on what you would like to see im very'
open to new ideas.

New Force Member discusion

I have already talked about one of the new character's coming "Dominus" on Steve's Pelle sprite which you can find here

however i feel that i did not mention enough info about him so here is what's known so far. Dominus is a high ranking captain of the Runefaust army he is set to be a Reacurring Villian throughout
the first few chapter's (Think Lemon from SF2). He was in charge of the invasion of Guardiana and setting up the laser eye. I wont spoil everything but i will say he does have dialogue with Earnest,Elliot,and Balbazak for now.

there will be more added Force members here in time i have more in the works but they are not fleshed out enough for me to post about just yet.
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Like this for example her ewe go.png
there was supposed to be a conversation between Darksol,Kane,Adam,and Chaos.
As for Kane yes he did lead the charge for the most part but in this Version while Kane still leads the main attack on Guardiana Dominus is the one who is pulling the strings in the backround as you will find out around chapter 3.


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Oh right, that scene was featured in RotDD. Are you planning to port the dialogue from that game or write your own?

Mmhmm, I guess that as Darksol's puppet, Kane may have been concerned with just securing the Sword of Light. Dominus, on the other hand, as a free-thinking military officier of Runefaust (and possibly unaware of the plot to resurrect Dark Dragon?) may have had more political interests, either his own or Runefaust's.

It's interesting that you plan to further develop Runefaust's side of the story, in the original game the whole nation turned up to be little more than a sock puppet for Darksol's ambition.
Yes! Ive always felt Runefaust needed to be fleshed out more and Dominus is only the beginning of that. As for the scene i was unaware it was featured in the RotDD i never got around to finishing the remake i was however very impressed with what they did with Max such as giving him more dialogue rather than being a mute until the end so you can expect to see that in this project. To my knowledge i believe there are a few unused sprites aswell for the cut content such as the "Weed". As for that scene dialogue im thinking of writing my own for that.
Yes once extended characters is fixed i can truly begin on the "new 30". As for the sprites as far as the limit goes has been giving me little trouble so far im currently working on battles my main goal is to have them much bigger after all it is an army. My theory is that if i can find a way to use the "Enemy has appeared system" i can add more enemies than intended these units would appear after the first batch of units are defeated. This would also add another layer of strategy to the game as in you will need to carefully position your team because reinforcements could appear in any direction or all one minute they are in front and next they are all around.


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Sounds interesting, when I said "sprites" i meant the battle sprites. At the moment, i seem to be stuck at around 45 unique sprites. When i release 2.0 of the SFGU you can see for yourself, if you try to add another battle sprite the game refuses to load. Not sure what i can do to get around this. A little disappointing, but at least i was able to give the centaur characters their own sprite(ken/Arthur are sharing though, always thought they looked similar anyway)
Did some investigation on your "sprite" problem sprite number.png
The editor on the left is Ver 3.0 of the Brothers mod by Lobo and the one on the right is vanilla Shining Force. As you can see the Brothers mod has 54 Sprites granted i noticed some were blank (possibly for Promoted Battle Sprite rounding or future place holder for a later date) while vanilla has only 34. You mentioned you only have 45 which makes me curious are you sure its the sprites? Have you noticed anything else out of the ordinary?


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You are right, the reason it got to 54 is because most are blank. When I tried just adding new sprites but no extra frames I was able to get to around 63 til the games stopped loading

If i add 4 frames for each sprite(which is the average for most characters) the game stops working around 45. When I release 2.0, you’ll see what I mean. I believe there may be a limit as to how many frames are used or maybe it’s a combination of frame/sprite number. I don’t know if it’s a rom limitation or the editor, I tried extending the rom to like 6k but that didn’t work either.

I ran into a similar problem when I was doing the weapons, around 21-23 the game either won’t load or the last couple sprites keep getting corrupted.

I helped Lobo on that aspect of the mod and it was around that time I discovered the limit, which lead me to create the extended battle sprite layout. This allowed me to have the centaurs have their own unpromoted/promoted sprites. I’ll probably have 2.0 released by the end of the day.
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Glad to hear im looking forward to it! And im sure there is a way too add more sprites we just haven't found it yet i will take some time tomorrow and experiment see what i can find.


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Whoa - I chose a poor time to take a break. You guys are on a roll! LoGI v2.0 sounds amazing - do keep us posted!

@Erikin84: It is a shame that the game stopped responding when reaching 63 battle sprites. Would I be correct in assuming that Extended Characters was enabled? Regardless, I will add your note to my bug list document with the intention of forwarding all issues onto rubixcuber should he return.


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Whoa - I chose a poor time to take a break. You guys are on a roll! LoGI v2.0 sounds amazing - do keep us posted!

@Erikin84: It is a shame that the game stopped responding when reaching 63 battle sprites. Would I be correct in assuming that Extended Characters was enabled? Regardless, I will add your note to my bug list document with the intention of forwarding all issues onto rubixcuber should he return.
I currently keep extended characters off, I could never get it to work properly without some game/deal breaking issues, like everyone using only max’s battle sprite and whatnot.
Well well its been a few days but i have been very busy on LOGI 2.0 mostly on concepts and the overall script and i would like to share on whats currently being worked on as of 5/7/18.

1.Exotic and Legendary weapon types (ex. things like the Chaos Breaker) alongside new and creative ways to earn them
2. Chapter 1 storyline
3. Knight Classes
4. Armor and more rings
Now last time i touched base with you guys i talked about Dominus and how he will fit into the story and i am happy to say that Dominus himself (Enemy Version) is done he is set to appear on several battles as a reoccurring enemy how ever i am at a bit of a blockade as i has been trying to visualize exactly what Dominus would look like. I visualize him as a mysterious Rune Knight (Never takes off his helmet) spikes on his shoulders,Black armor and white (for the horse part of the centaur). However all of this is rather early concepts but as far as Dominus and his stats placement and battles he is done all that is left is his design.
My final note before next time is the announcement of a new character Brutus a Lizardman that served as a Royal Guard and good friend to Dominus. The idea behind this character is to give the shining force more variety in terms of creatures to use and since Runefaust will be more fleshed out here i figured why not. I came up with this after Steve showcased the Lizardman graphics. Very excited to get him all set up and i would also like you guys to have a say in how he will play aswell. What do you think his stats would be how would he contribute to the force? Id love to hear your ideas!!!


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Sounds interesting. I’d imagine he’d be similar in stats to a warrior/gladiator. Maybe if it could be managed, to have his critical be a tail whip attack.

And since there are only two force members in the whole game that can wield axes, seems like the logical choice.